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  • Asset Allocation Strategies

    Our two Asset Allocation Strategies utilize an institutional asset allocation framework that focuses on how risk is distributed throughout a portfolio.

  • Risk Managed Assets



    The strategy invests in a portfolio of 35-45 established growth companies. Investments are predicated on a company’s future prospects rather than economic or market cycles. We value consistent profitable growth versus a growth now, profits later approach.




    We employ a bottom up fundamental process to identify investments in companies with improving fundamentals, emphasizing earnings growth consistency, free cash flow, and solid balance sheet metrics.




    Investing in companies positioned for growth coupled with risk management techniques seek to provide the foundation to build a high conviction portfolio with consistent return generation and lower realized volatility.


    Investment Committee

    Chris Lagan CFA

    Jeff Porter CFA

  • Risk Managed Satellites

    Strategy Overview


    -Portfolio constructed using low cost ETFs representing 9 globally diversified non-traditional asset classes

    -Driven by a proprietary rules-based process

    -Strategically allocated into an endowment-like model based on our investment team’s collective experience building portfolios






    Investment Committee

    Chris Lagan CFA

    Jeff Porter CFA

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