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Style:  Large Cap Growth

Inception: 1/1/1985

Benchmark:  Russell 1000 Growth Index / S&P 500

Market Cap: Minimum ≥ $5 Billion

Concentrated: Target Number of Holdings 35-45

Diversification Targets: 5% maximum individual security

 weight & 25% maximum exposure to a particular industry, in general

Low Turnover:  25 to 50% annually

Fully Invested:  Average cash allocation of 1 to 5%


  • We believe that long term superior stock performance is generated by companies consistently growing earnings and free cash flow.
  • Our firm’s experience, research efforts, and understanding of a company's earnings profile provide us with a competitive edge.
  • Our internal fundamental, bottom-up research give us an analytical advantage in identifying growth stocks with a proper valuation.
  • We seek to generate the majority of our outperformance from stock selection by constructing a high conviction portfolio with a lower realized volatility over time.



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