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  • Equity

    Our equity-focused strategies employ a team managed approach, investing in companies that are industry leaders, display consistent earnings growth, have manageable debt levels, generate high free cash flow, and are led by experienced, shareholder conscious management teams. We believe in thoroughly understanding the companies that we own, and why we own them. We believe that diversification beyond a limited number of holdings may yield only a marginal performance benefit, and that the task of analyzing, understanding, and tracking the performance of 40 stocks is far more feasible than a portfolio of 300 stocks.

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  • Fixed Income

    Our fixed income strategies are built upon the premise that bond portfolios should provide capital preservation and income generation. We conduct in-depth analysis of the issuers’ fundamentals, the business cycle, and, yield curve to construct an investment grade portfolio of treasury, agency, and corporate bonds. Through directly owning the fixed-income securities, the option of holding the bonds to maturity is preserved, which can secure a safe, predictable cash flow independent of market returns.

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  • Asset Allocation

    Our Asset Allocation Strategy utilize an institutional-quality asset allocation framework that focuses on how risk is distributed throughout a portfolio.

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  • Private Equity

    We believe investing with a high-quality, diversified group of Limited Partnerships led by experienced General Partners will provide enhanced diversification and deliver excess returns to investors. We participate in partnerships that focus on established industries with sustainable, profitable growth.

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