Mid Cap Growth

Key Investment Tenets

Strategy Highlights

  • Positive revenue and earnings growth
  • Strong competitive position in stable, expanding industry
  • Positive earnings
  • Free cash flow positive
  • Established profit margins
  • Management focused on core business and aligned with stakeholders’ interests
  • Prudent use of debt and leverage

Style: Mid Cap Growth


Inception: 10/1/1999


Benchmark: Russell Midcap Growth Index


Concentrated: Target Number of Holdings 35-45


Diversification Targets: 5% maximum individual security weight & 25% maximum exposure to a particular industry, in general


Low Turnover: 25 to 50% annually


Fully Invested: Average cash allocation of 1 to 5%

  • Evaluate relative to history, peers, and economic conditions

Investment Policy Committee

Todd Solomon, CFA  Committee Chair

Gregg O'Keefe, CFA

Amy Noyes, CFA

John O'Reilly, CFA

Aaron Fellows, CFA

key documents

Mid Cap Growth Strategy Card

Mid Cap Growth Commentary

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