SMid Growth

Key Investment Tenets

Strategy Highlights

  • Positive revenue and earnings growth
  • Strong competitive position in stable, expanding industry
  • Positive earnings
  • Free cash flow positive
  • Established profit margins
  • Management focused on core business and aligned with stakeholders’ interests
  • Prudent use of debt and leverage

Style: SMid Growth


Inception: 4/1/2017


Benchmark: Russell 2500 Growth Index


Concentrated: Target Number of Holdings 35-45


Diversification Targets: 5% maximum individual security weight & 25% maximum exposure to a particular industry, in general


Low Turnover: 25 to 50% annually


Fully Invested: Average cash allocation of 1 to 5%

  • Evaluate relative to history, peers, and economic conditions

Investment Policy Committee

Nancy Huynh,  Committee Chair

Dan Lagan, CFA

Matt Lagan, CFA

Nicholas Koup, CFA

Ryan Tumbry, CFA

as of 5/1/2023

key documents

SMid Growth Strategy Card

SMid Growth Commentary

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